Food tours in Miami

Embark in a fun and delicious culinary food tour adventure through the authentic flavors of the diverse cultures which elevate the soul of Miami on these exclusive culinary walking tours of South Beach, Wynwood and Little Havana. All of these Miami food tours offer 2-3 hour tasting and cultural walking tours daily all year round. […]

Using the Best Skin Care Technology: Elite Serum

As anyone with wrinkles know, the search for a good product in the eye serum market is a tough one. You can try 100 products and find nothing that works. Fortunately, there’s some good news for those of us who want a product that actually removes wrinkles. Elite Serum is now available for consumer purchase, […]

Elite Serum Review

Elite Serum is an anti aging eye cream that’s made right here in South Florida.  Since beauty products in Miami are in so much demand, it’s worth giving a review of this critically acclaimed eye serum made right here in South Florida’s skin belt. Made by Skin Pro, makers of fine skin products, the Elite […]

Cryogenic Moisturizer – Facial Rejuvenation at 40 Degrees

Priding myself in being the best reporter in the Miami beauty scene, you know I have a virtual (no pun-intended!) stronghold on the skin care news that comes out of Miami.  A company I have interviewed in the past, EliteSkin, makers of skin care products that generally focus on anti aging creams, has released a […]

Doral Hooters Review

by Terry Bender For those of you who like wings, and HOOTERS, there is something special located off the 836 out in Doral.  Yes, I am talking about the nationally known chain that started in Clearwater, Florida, called Hooters.  If you haven’t been to a Hooters, then you are simply missing out.  “Delightfully tacky, yet […]

Smoking Everywhere Review

by Terry Bender So I’ve been continuing my new Years Resolution of quitting smoking traditional cigarettes.  I’ve made the switch to e-cigarettes.  In a recent trip to Sawgrass Mall, I noticed that there is another e-cigarette that is making waves in the industry, and it’s called Smoking Everywhere.  This company has a pretty impressive display, […]