Hacienda Pinilla Golf Costa Rica

by Bernie Stackhouse At times we get off topic here at the Miami Blog, and we talk about things that happen outside the Magic City.  Today I’d like to share with you my experience at a recent round of golf in Costa Rica.  Since many Miami residents enjoy the short 2 hour, 2o minute flight […]

The U Documentary: A Review by ProCanes.com

by Miami Blog Staff Since we have not had a chance to check out the new “U” documentary, we felt we’d post a review we read on ProCanes.com.  Let me just say that we are VERY anxious to see this Miami Documentary, which focuses on the football program that has been among the greatest in […]

Electronic Cigarettes are all the Buzz

by Terry Bender Being a life-long smoker, I’ve always been dependent on a little nicotine fix.  Smoking is a disgusting, terrible habit, but I feel like I’ve finally found a solution that will end up being a great way for me to continue to get a small fix as well as help the environment, not […]

Disney Disses North Miami Beach Mayor

by Terry Bender First reported by the Miami Herald…. North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner was treated like less than a human being while on a recent trip to Walt Disney World with his wife and four children, according to reports from the Miami Herald. Rosner, who is disabled, uses a wheelchair to get around.  […]

Hot South Beach Women

by Terry Bender If you have been to South Beach, you know how amazingly gorgeous the women are.  It’s not even funny how hot some of the Latinas, Europeans, and local gals really are.  Why does Miami have so many gorgeous women?  I can only hope to try to answer that question. I used to […]

Celebs Fill Landshark Stadium

by Geneva As I watched the Miami Dolphins game last night, I was shocked to see so many celebs.  You’d think you were at a Heat Game or something.  I mean, Fins games have never been a main attraction in Miami, but all of a sudden you have Tiger Woods on the sideline?  Weird stuff…. […]

Terry Bender Probably has Wrinkly Nuts

by Geneva Terry Bender, shame on you…..everyone in Miami all the way up to the Palm Beach area knows that skin care is IN style in South Florida.  If you don’t want to read about eye gels and other sorts of anti aging products, I suggest you quit your job as an amateur blogger who […]

Who is Sick Of Geneva’s Beauty Shit?

by Terry Bender Look, I know it’s hot in Miami and everyone is into their fashion and beauty stuff.  Ya, Ya.  I get that.  But seriously, as one of three editors of this site, I know that my content is 100% awesome.  I only report cool stuff and tell awesome stories about what is going […]

The Youth Gone Wild

Everyone is always trying to get young, lose weight, and look pretty in Miami.  But serious folks, some of you have gone bonkers with this anti aging bullshit.  I mean seriously, my girlfriend buys so much crap that it just pisses me off when she won’t chip in her allotted share of the rent.  Here […]

Costa Rica The Happiest Nation?

This could be why Spirit Airlines has all those $1 flights to Costa Rica…..taken from CNN.com Forget Disneyland! Costa Rica is the happiest place in the world, according to an independent research group in Britain with the goal of building a new economy, “centered on people and the environment.” In a report released Saturday, the […]