Investing in Palladium

Palladium is another metal that has earned some recognition in the investment market. The metal itself belongs to the Platinum group of metals and shares some attributes with Platinum itself. Its constant rise in price has caught the attention of many investors who are now investing in it with confidence. If you too are interested […]

Gayle Garton Endorses Elite Serum

Locally made Elite Eye Serum is now endorsed by a local celebrity.  Gayle Garton of 101.5 LiteFM Miami recently went on air and raved about her experience with Elite Serum.  You can here the audio clip in the video below. It’s interesting to hear what she has to say following a 3 month trial with […]

Using the Best Skin Care Technology: Elite Serum

As anyone with wrinkles know, the search for a good product in the eye serum market is a tough one. You can try 100 products and find nothing that works. Fortunately, there’s some good news for those of us who want a product that actually removes wrinkles. Elite Serum is now available for consumer purchase, […]

Where did the Electronic Cigarette Come From?

We’ve done many news stories on this thing called an electronic cigarette.  They are ALL OVER Miami.  One company based in Miami is V2Cigs brand. An electronic cigarette is also called an e-cigarette. It was invented by Hon Lik a Chinese chemist in 2003.  The patent was registered under his employer’s company Runyan which means […]

Ever Try to Quit Smoking?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that tobacco and cigarette smoking are going to reduce your lifespan.  With that being said, many smokers are kicking the habit and finding alternative ways to get their nicotine fix, and more and more smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes to satiate their nicotine cravings.  They […]

Hawaii Takes Stance on Popular Electronic Cigarette Devices

State of Hawaii Wants to Redefine “Tobacco”     While we may be used to seeing strange definitions in arcane legislation, not that many current bills attempt to redefine plants. In the State of Hawaii, the legislature is preparing to redefine tobacco so that electronic cigarettes can be included in tobacco taxation laws as well […]

Electronic Cigarette Sales Surge in Miami

Smoking is addictive in nature, which is why several smokers have trouble quitting this habit. Most smokers are well aware of the health risks they are prone to by smoking tobacco cigarettes, and yet continue to light up newer ones, owing to the addictive nature of tobacco. However, research points out that smoking becomes addictive […]

Jump Start your New Year’s Resolution with the Insanity Workout

We all say it. Come Jan 1 I am going to get into shape, lose weight and feel great! Did you know the busiest day of the year for a gym is the day after New Year’s? So many people pack in and start up a new gym routine only to stop a few weeks […]

Electronic Cigarettes Continue to Surge in Sales

Over the years the smoking habits of people have changed world wide. Earlier, people did not realize the ill effects of tobacco smoking. But, the past few years has seen a growing awareness amongst people about the ill effects of tobacco smoking. This has led to search for other alternatives that are less harmful. However, […]

Miami Movie Tours – See Real-Life Movie Locations In One Go!

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite movies and television shows? Were you always left wondering if there was more to what you are watching on your television screen and movie house? If these are the questions that run through your head then you are right! There are a […]