How to Find the Best Dentist in South Florida

In most cases when people are trying to find a dentist they will look in the most common source which is typically the phone book and there are many dangers associated with it because just about anyone can win you over by means of an advertisement. If you are one of those people that do […]

Local Helps You Find The Right Brands

We’ve got a local celebrity right here helping people find the best brands of electronic cigarettes.  A guest post by Andy Gray, e-cigarette guru. Choosing The Right Electronic Cigarette Brand If you have decided to quit smoking and want to pick up electronic cigarettes as an alternate, you might find it a bit hard to […]

Finding Products Online Just Got Easier

I stumbled into a new website called and wanted to tell everyone about it.  If you shop online, this site can really help you gain ground and save money. Basically, was started so people can find product reviews by “experts” that have first hand experience with them.  Why would you buy anything blind? […]

Why Use a Neck Cream?

  People often say to themselves, why do I need to use a neck cream? Well, in Miami there are many reasons that make more sense than if you live in another area of the world.  Sun damage is a big thing in Miami, and a neck cream is a good product to have in […]

Slap Chop by Miami’s Vince Offer

The rumor has it that Vince Offer, the marketing maven himself, lives in Miami.  We can’t confirm or dispute that report, but whatever the answer is, we’re big fans of Vince Offer here at Miami Blog. If you haven’t heard about the Slap Chop, I suggest you just go to the website and look for […]

Jersey Shore in South Beach?

by Miami Blog Staff Jersey Shore, the popular television show based on the lives of various wannabe’s in New Jersey, is looking to spend it’s spring season in Miami’s South Beach.  However, many of the South Beach elite clubs aren’t enthusiastic for their potential arrival. South Beach’s Mynt Lounge rejected an inquiry from a Jersey […]

Miami Events Heat Up in February

by Miami Blog Staff The Miami area is sizzling.  With so many events on tap for February, it’s a good time to be in Miami.  For starters, we have the Super Bowl, which will be played in the newly named Sun life Stadium.  The New Orleans Saints are playing versus the Indianapolis Colts, who were […]

Blu Electronic Cigarettes Review

by Terry Bender So as I summarized in a past Miami blog post, I am trying to get rid of the nasty habit of smoking traditional cigarettes.  I started smoking Electronic Cigarettes, and to my surprise, they pretty much kick ass.  One brand I’ve been smoking is called “Blu Electronic Cigarette.”  It’s among my favorite […]

Miami Natives: Rick Ross

by Terry Bender We’re launching a question and answer segment with many of the successful Miami area natives.  Today, we’re starting off with a quick biography of an area legend who goes by the name of Rick Ross. His birth name was William Leonard Roberts II….. but he’s best known as Rick Ross, the rapper […]

Jimbos in Virginia Key

by Geneva Jimbos, as it’s simply known by locals, is a piece of land in a lagoon on Virginia Key.  The famous backdrop to many movies, commercials, photo shoots, and television series was told to move their junk. If you haven’t been to Jimbos, that may not make any sense to you.  If you are […]