Vapin in the Club

Have you seen these new vapor cigarettes in South Beach Clubs yet?  They are popping up everywhere! Vapor cigarettes (also called vapor cigs, electronic cigarettes or e-cigs) are electronic smoking devices that look, feel and act much like a regular tobacco cigarette.  While they are relatively new in the cigarette industry, they are quickly rising […]

WWE Monday Night Raw in Miami’s American Airlines Arena

WWE has been a favorite event of mine since I was just a little tike.  So naturally, when they came to Miami’s own American Airlines Arena, I had to go.  I brought my four year old, and boy did the night start off on the wrong foot.  For starters, the WWE did not open it’s […]

Jersey Shore in South Beach?

by Miami Blog Staff Jersey Shore, the popular television show based on the lives of various wannabe’s in New Jersey, is looking to spend it’s spring season in Miami’s South Beach.  However, many of the South Beach elite clubs aren’t enthusiastic for their potential arrival. South Beach’s Mynt Lounge rejected an inquiry from a Jersey […]

Casino Resorts Coming to Florida?

by Miami Blog Staff In a story broke by the almighty Miami Herald, South Florida is getting pushed by many backers to bring resort style casino gaming to the area.  With the success of the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino, as well as the amount of jobs it would bring to the area, the thought of […]

Buffalo Wild Wings Dolphin Mall Review

by Miami Blog Staff… This past Thursday, we took a Miami Blog trip to Dolphin Mall’s newest restaurant – Buffalo Wild Wings.  While Terry is a long time BW’3’s fan, as it’s called by enthusiasts, the rest of us had never been to the popular wing and beer chain.  Let me say something, it’s VERY […]

R. Kelly & Diddy in Miami

by Geneva Star Island resident and hip hop entertainment mogul P. Diddy is in Miami this week, mostly for his good pal R. Kelly’s concert.  R. Kelly is by FAR the best R & B singer, with hit songs such as “I’m a Flirt,” “Slow Wind,” and “Bump N Grind.” Diddy hosted a black tie […]

Labor Day Blues? Get Wasted in Miami

by Terry Bender Don’t know what to do on Labor Day in Miami?  Well, I can think of plenty of things to do.  For one, get wrecked.  Drink some patron, drink a wet willies drink……fuck it, just hit the Clevelander and sip on as many Mojitos as you can afford.  Your in Miami, the 305, […]

Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica

by Terry Bender So I’m wrapping up my vacation in Costa Rica and I have to report on one place that just really is a true gong show. The Hotel Del Rey is a place where mostly male travelers can find female companionship at any hour of the day. Women from all over Latin America […]

Sportsmen’s Lodge Costa Rica

by Terry Bender The Sportsmen’s Lodge in Costa Rica is a hotel like none other.  On assignment to vacation in the land of “pura vida,” I stumbled into this establishment without knowing much about it.  Well, turns out I stumbled into a pretty good joint by my accounts.  The Sportsmens Lodge is a place where […]

Best Bars in Miami

by Terry Bender Back from a hiatus, you don’t have to hear about beauty shit today! I’m a big bar scene guy, and Miami is a playground when it comes to gettin my drink on!  I’m not too into the lounge and club stuff, if I wanted to pay more than $10 for a drink […]