What Is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB Salts?

What Is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate? Get Your Questions Answered Whichever food you eat or whichever nutrition you consume with your foods, it has a scientific name. These names are too difficult to pronounce, forget about remembering it. If you are in the popular ketogenic diet community, you must have heard about the term beta-hydroxybutyrate. It is one […]

A New Miami Skin Care Procedure : The Liquid Facelift

One thing you can clearly tell when a woman is aging is by her face that might become saggy, form wrinkles, fine lines and folds. These are some of the most blatant signs of aging that starts exhibiting when skin stops producing collagen and elastic that helps retains moisture. These women either stress themselves over […]

Gayle Garton Endorses Elite Serum

Locally made Elite Eye Serum is now endorsed by a local celebrity.  Gayle Garton of 101.5 LiteFM Miami recently went on air and raved about her experience with Elite Serum.  You can here the audio clip in the video below. It’s interesting to hear what she has to say following a 3 month trial with […]

Summer is Upon Us – Bust out that Sunblock

In the summer time when the sun is shining so intensely, people get excited for a sunbathing spree on the beach or pool. While it’s nice to get some tanning going on, it is not cool to endure the aftereffects of sunbathing, the pain and skin flaking. It is therefore a must avoid these by […]

Dark Circle Cures for those South Beach Late Nights

If you are in that party crowd that just never stops roaring, you probably are plagued by a sign of stress and fatigue in the form of dark under eye circles.  These dark circles are mostly from stress and obviously the late nights partying in Miami lead to early mornings and you guessed it – […]

Elite Serum Review

Elite Serum is an anti aging eye cream that’s made right here in South Florida.  Since beauty products in Miami are in so much demand, it’s worth giving a review of this critically acclaimed eye serum made right here in South Florida’s skin belt. Made by Skin Pro, makers of fine skin products, the Elite […]

Venetian Beauty to be Available in Miami Beauty Stores

I just got an email from my favorite skin care company, Skin Pro International, telling me that they have inked a distribution deal with Venetian Beauty, a brand of skin care products once only available in the Pacific Rim! I got a sneak peak at these products, and they are high end!  Packaged to the […]

Miami Skin Care Company SKINPRO Offers Double Points Week

This just hit my inbox, thought I’d pass it along to all the Miami Skin Care Consumers…. We are proud to announce double points week at Skin Pro.  Starting NOW until Sunday, September 5th – All qualifying purchases made online will earn 20% back towards products – redeemable at any time. If you are curious, YES this includes EliteSkin’s line […]

Cryogenic Moisturizer – Facial Rejuvenation at 40 Degrees

Priding myself in being the best reporter in the Miami beauty scene, you know I have a virtual (no pun-intended!) stronghold on the skin care news that comes out of Miami.  A company I have interviewed in the past, EliteSkin, makers of skin care products that generally focus on anti aging creams, has released a […]

Instant Face Lift by Wrinkle System Review

by Geneva Well, now that all of the Super Bowl hoopla is done and over with, I can get back to writing about topics that actually affect my every day well being.  Today I’ll take a look at another product made by the Miami-manufactured Wrinkle System brand.  This one is called the “Instant Face Lift,” […]