Casino Resorts Coming to Florida?

by Miami Blog Staff

In a story broke by the almighty Miami Herald, South Florida is getting pushed by many backers to bring resort style casino gaming to the area.  With the success of the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino, as well as the amount of jobs it would bring to the area, the thought of bringing more FULL casinos to the area makes perfect sense.

Here is an excerpt from the Herald’s story….

“TALLAHASSEE — Ellyn Bogdanoff has given up. Once one of the most ardent opponents of gambling expansion in the Florida House, the Fort Lauderdale legislator is now ready to open the doors to full-fledged casinos because, she says, Florida “is losing the battle” to the Seminole Tribe.

Backed by one of Las Vegas’ largest gambling magnates, Bogdanoff wants to allow casinos at five to seven “destination resorts” throughout the state through the Florida Gaming Equalization Act.”

It’s apparent that the success of the Seminole Tribe is angering people who looked for lawful gaming in South Florida for many years prior to the Seminole’s operations in Hollywood.  It’s easy to point out all of the benefits that a casino brings to South Florida.

1.  More jobs for our local population

2. Increased tourism

3.  Having a Las Vegas style option, thus keeping Florida residents closer to home with a solid gaming option.

4.  Influx of new businesses and investors to the surrounding areas.

To us, this makes perfect sense.  Florida is ripe for expansion and the obvious success of the current gaming destinations point to a similar success when this actually happens.  Who would not want to visit a Florida Casino?


  1. David Kashouty says:

    Why should the existing gambling interest in FL reap all the financial rewards? Shouldn’t the residents of FL share in the benefits ie;lower property taxes and business growth. It’s a known fact that the gambling boats and Seminole casinos are the largest contributors towards stifling competition by buying Fl legislators.