Carnival Cruise Lines Bans “Cougars and Cubs”

by Terry Bender

Brooke Burke is an example of what most men would call a Cougar

Brooke Burke is an example of what most men would call a Cougar

In yet another story broke by the Miami Herald (one day we hope to be like them), there has been a recent development having to do with Cougars.  If you don’t know what a Cougar is, you are A) a woman, or B) just not up on Internet lingo talking about older women.

A “Cougar” is an older woman who younger men are attracted to.  “Cubs” would be the reference to the younger male.  Cougars have been popular themes for adult videos and internet websites, and like it’s counterpart, “Milfs” (the acronym for “mothers I’d like to “f*ck) the term has gone pretty much mainstream.  In fact, I use the word Cougar daily. (Hey, South Beach has PLENTY of good Cougars!)

Anyways, the Miami Herald broke the story today, and here are the details….., a group that books travel between older women and the younger men who like to “hook up” with them, was trying to make a reservation for a group of people on Carnival Cruise Lines.  However, they were denied.  Apparently, the Carnival Cruise Lines do not want to be linked to things such as Spring Break Travel, Party Travel, and certainly not Sex Travel.

“Carnival has distanced itself from being Spring Break USA,” Stuart Chiron, a Miami Cruise expert said.

Hmmm….I wonder if they ban other groups that try to get on the ship as a team?  What about gay groups?  What about interracial couples groups?  What about religious groups?  Or, is this strictly trying to put a ban on something that society may have different views on?