Can an Electronic Cigarette Benefit You?

Electronic cigarettes are considered as one of the best inventions of the current century as they are known to be an increasingly effective product that helps individuals quit the habit of regular smoking. Electronic cigarettes, as the name suggests, are battery operated cigarettes that work automatically, once they are switched on. As opposed to other smoking alternatives, electronic cigarettes are considered to be the best by many. Electronic cigarettes offer many benefits to users. First and foremost, they have proven to be extremely useful in helping the user kick the habit of smoking. One of the biggest problems that smokers face when they try quitting smoking is that they miss holding it in their hands. A lot of people think that smoking represents who they are and holding a cigarette is a part of their personality. With other smoking alternative products, one cannot quit smoking and maintain his or her style. However, with electronic cigarettes, it can be done so very easily. This is because electronic cigarettes look just like regular cigarettes and the vapour that they omit looks exactly like the smoke of regular cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, one doesn’t feel like they have lost a part of their personality while at the same time are able to quit the deadly habit of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes can benefit one’s health in many ways. Regular cigarettes contain tobacco, which when burnt produces tar. All smokers inhale tar and with its inhalation, they deposit big amounts of the harmful substance in their bodies. Electronic cigarettes look exactly like regular cigarettes and omit smoke just as regular cigarettes do. However, the biggest difference between the two products is that electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. Therefore, even while you are smoking electronically and enjoying everything just like regular cigarettes smoking, you are not inhaling smoke that is laden with tar and other harmful substances that lead to harmful and life threatening diseases such as lung cancer, mouth cancer and many more. However, electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, just as regular cigarettes but it is the absence of tobacco that make them a useful product and nowhere close to regular cigarettes (in the sense of causing harm to the body). Electronic cigarettes are often criticized for containing nicotine but the truth is that e-cigs don’t tobacco and therefore tar and other harmful substances, while they are also not ignited which automatically minimizes their so called danger.

The common misconception about electronic cigarettes is that they are expensive and a costlier option as compared to other smoking alternatives. A lot of people also compare electronic cigarettes to regular cigarettes and don’t want to spend too much on e-cigs because they are expensive. The truth about electronic cigarettes, when it comes to their price, is that they are more like a onetime investment and as a result, are cheaper than regular cigarettes. When a person spends his or her money on electronic cigarettes, they last longer as compared to regular cigarettes. Avid smokers buy a pack of cigarettes every day or at least every second day. As compared to this, electronic cigarettes may have to be purchased once a month, depending on your usage. Doing the math will allow you to understand how the former is a better choice and the latter is expensive. Thus, in conclusion, it can be said that electronic cigarettes help one save a lot of money, allowing them to think about others and spend on useful items that they may have not even considered at all in the past.

Aside from the health benefits, electronic cigarettes also have many other benefits. Firstly, electronic cigarettes are also free of smell and therefore, through their help, you can get rid of all the nasty smell associated with cigarette smoking. Smokers always worry about smelling bad before big functions or meetings. Moreover, those who don’t smoke openly are very worried about the smell of smoke, as it lasts for too long, and are always afraid of someone finding out about their secret. Many people also spend a lot of extra money on deodorant sprays and perfumes to make sure their bathrooms, rooms or clothes don’t smell like smoke at all. On the other hand, due to the fact that regular smoke smells extremely bad, many restaurants and bars don’t allow smoking openly. However, with electronic cigarettes, all these concerns will be removed as the smoke that electronic cigarettes omit does not smell bad at all. Electronic cigarettes omit nearly the same amount of smoke that regular cigarettes do but the only difference is that it doesn’t smell bad. Moreover, due to the fact that the vapour omitted by electronic cigarettes has no smell, there are no restrictions on smoking electronic cigarettes publically. Thus, another big advantage of electronic cigarettes is that you get uninterrupted access to smoking.

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