Camilo Villegas Will Please the Crowd at Doral

by Terry Bender

How can you miss Camilo Villegas?  The 28 year-old Colombian golf legend has been making waves since his 2006 rookie season on the PGA tour with his flashy outfits, ripped physique, and spider-man-esque method of lining up putts.  Just last week, he ran away with another title, and improved his impressive run in 2010 that has him at the top of most major statistical categories on the PGA tour.

Camillo Villegas

Camillo Villegas

It’s hard to say that this is a homecoming from Villegas, but it sort of is in a strange way.  With Miami’s large population of Colombians, especially the high concentration of those that choose to reside in the Doral area, Villegas will certainly be the most popular player at the tournament that starts today at Doral.  The Blue Monster may be missing a certain Tiger this week, but in his place is the PGA tours hottest name in Villegas.

Villegas is representing Colombians in a positive fashion – the calm, cool youngster is always media friendly, and never has any outbursts, ala John Daly.  (I love John Daly, don’t get me wrong – the guy is a legend, his book is great, and I hope he is back competing very soon).  Villegas, along with Nascar driver Juan Pablo Montoya, has Colombians proud of their major presence in the world of sports.

Born in Medellin, Villegas attended the University of Florida, making him a Gator.  While we won’t hold that against him, as Miami Blog has a strong bond with THE U, it’s good to know he has set up in Florida.  He lives in Jupiter between events, and spends a lot of his time practicing in the area.

The strong presence of Colombian supporters will set him apart from all others in the tournament this weekend at Doral.  Without Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson goes in as the Vegas favorite, but the local favorite will be Villegas.

Named in People Magazine’s 2006 issue of Hottest Bachelors, his fancy apparel and physical fitness will make him popular with the local Miami women.  Villegas is by far the best dressed golfer the tour has ever seen, and his flashy belt buckles look like something you would buy down at one of the boutique fashion stores on South Beach.

It should be an exciting 4 days of golf, and if Camilo Villegas is able to win again this week, he may just explode into mainstream sports super-stardom and the golf world may all but forget about Tiger Woods.