Miami Business Owners: Get a Legit LLC

Miami is a great place to live and work. Almost every day of the year after a long hard day of work you can take a swim or play a round of golf in Miami’s beautiful sunshine. However, Florida’s positive business culture and great weather do nothing to protect your personal nor business assets in today’s […]

How to Become a Key West Wedding Photographer

Ever think of living the life of a photographer in Key West?  We caught up with the owner of a Key West Weddings, Florist, and Decor Specialist and found out what it’s like working with photographers in paradise.  Today we share some of those types with you. You need more than a good camera and […]

Summit Van Lines offers Miami Moving Tips

Today we get some free moving advice from local moving company Summit Van Lines Moving Company.  On average, every household in America relocates around 7,400 lbs of goods from one house to another. This can mean that you have to pack stuff in over 100 boxes and hire a moving company at a huge cost. […]

How A Funny T-Shirt Can Boost Your Self Esteem In The Gym

Unless you’re living in the arctic, you’ve already noticed how the weather is changing and spring is approaching fast. The warm weather means that T-shirts are going to be the only kind of shirts you’ll prefer wearing. For a lot of you, spring is also a time when you start your workout or prepare for […]

Learn How to Invest in South Florida Real Estate

Many people come to South Florida in search of the climate and the beach.  Of course, who doesn’t like this climate? Many people are also finding that not only living in South Florida can be fun and beautiful, but it can also be very profitable just buying property.  There are a lot of companies out […]

Miami’s Best Landscaped Homes

Landscaping an inclined backyard presents several challenges. Some things that need to be thought of and taken care of include building a functional slope, soil retention, drainage and combining the new landscaping with the overall design of the remaining landscape. Some of Miami’s best houses are landscaped to the nines.  Scarface was shot at a […]

Why Invest in a Good Miami Wedding Photographer

Miami Weddings are all the rage.  If you are looking at getting married in Miami, learn about finding the best photographer for your big day.  A guest post brought to Miami from our friends on the West Coast:  One Day Pictures in San Francisco. After you are done with the wedding, what remains to show […]

What is the Empower Network?

The internet has become a prime industry for many individuals looking to make side or permanent income. The ease of use and access to nearly the entire world through your finger tips has given many individuals an opportunity to connect with others and on the way make money. We all have recognized the power of […]

Miami Business: V2 Cigs Grows Like Crazy

Profiling Miami Business: V2 Cigs is a maker of electronic cigarettes and has been in business about one year.  If you read electronic cigarette reviews, you’ll see that most people hold the company in a very high regard. Most of the users of electronic cigarettes go in for V2cigs which has taken up the position […]

DebrahLee Lorenzana Wouldn’t Stand out in Miami

A New York City woman is suing the bank she worked at as she was fired for being “too hot.”  Apparently, the Queens mother of one named DebrahLee Lorenzana was quite the attraction at CitiBank, and quotes from male customers who used to frequent her branch “just to catch a glimpse” of her backed up […]