Boo-Yah, Miami Lands Brandon Marshall!


Brandon Marshall

by Terry Bender

I woke up this morning, grabbed a bagel at Offerdahl’s in Weston, and fired up the old Miami Blog trusty laptop.  I was half asleep on the way over year, but on 790 the Ticket, I kept hearing the name Brandon Marshall.  He’s the top reciever available on the free agency market this year, and a stud receiver who led the Broncos in the last several years, even setting an NFL record versus Indianapolis with 21 pass receptions.  This is normal talk on 790, as the hosts have talked about Miami adding a top tier WR for weeks.  Marshall’s name surfaces, along with Terrell Owens and Dez Bryant, who is available in the NFL draft this year. But for some reason, I didn’t catch the main message:  MARSHALL IS NOW A MIAMI DOLPHIN!

The hulking, massive receiver with quicks, hands, and bulging muscles is now the top target in the Dolphins wide receiver group.  Not sure what will happen with Ted Ginn Jr, but it doesn’t matter now that we have Marshall.  This guy is an absolute beast, and reports say that the Dolphins picked up his contract in exchange for a second round pick this year and a second round pick next year.  That’s rally nothing when you look at it, (depending how you look at it, last years pick Pat White didn’t do too much, although we sort of knew he’d be a unique fit that wouldn’t show his ability in stats at least right away) and the Dolphins adding a top wide receiver to the group was a priority this off-season.

Is there a downside to this?  I’d say no.  Some people will certainly point out that he has been in the doghouse for off-field issues, but this happens to MANY players.  When you have arguably the best wide receiver in the league on your side, some things will have to be put up with.  Everyone gives Randy Moss a bad rap, but the guy has done nothing to hurt his team – in fact, he’s only made his team better each year since he exploded into the league in 1998 with the best offense in NFL history – the Randall Cunningham and Cris Carter-led Minnesota Vikings.

A new home in Miami in a new division is just what Marshall needs.  One thing is for certain, Chad Henne has to be a VERY happy guy today.  With the New York Jets adding so many big weapons, and recently a top wide receiver in Santonio Holmes, the Dolphins had to make a move.  It’s a good day to be a Miami Dolphins fan, and I must give a shout out to the guys who made this happen.  Kudos to the Miami front office for making this happen, you just made your fans very, very happy.

And I’d also like to extend my middle finger to all you JETS fans in South Florida.  Marshall is MUCH better than Santonio Holmes, and he’s not suspended the first four games of the regular season!