Beverly Hills Bosh by Marc Hochman & 790 The Ticket

790 The Ticket is Miami’s best sports entertainment radio station. Starting off in the morning with the Jorge Sedano Show, the station keeps listeners laughing – and in tune with the sports world, all day long. The flagship show that has helped make Dan Lebatard into a national media star is the show named after him and his partner, John “Stugotz” Weiner, is called “The Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz.” The Executive Producer, Marc Hochman, aka “Hoch” is also a big part of the discussions, adding his zany characters he creates from time to time as well as going on other radio shows as the Miami Heat Insider “Marc Hackman.” Other contributors to the show include Mike Ryan, Producer, and Roy Bellamy, Associate Producer. Known for his “Roy’s Top Ten” lists, Bellamy’s spot appearances get a routine sinister laugh from Stugotz and the gang.

The show has a knack for creating spur-of-the-moment productions that are often parody’s of well known songs. An instant classic was Dan singing his own lyrics to “Bawitdaba” by Kid Rock, which aptly starts out with Dan screaming “My name is Chrissssssssssssssss…..Chris Bosh!”

There is even a song by Jay Z (Big Pimpin’) that is turned into the Miami Heats’ “Big Z.”   This type of humor is always grabbing listeners attention and making them laugh.

Most recently, a skit about Chris Bosh done by the show included lyrics by Marc Hochman that played to the beat of the famous Beverly Hills Cop anthem. Already a global sensation on YouTube, the song, titled “Beverly Hills Bosh,” depicts Chris’ career as a member of the Miami Heat and also has some cameo’s where is he plays the role of law enforcer in Beverly Hills. The skit is absolutely hilarious, and it’s just the latest from the crew at 790 the Ticket.

Here is the production, below. Watch it, laugh, and make a comment about how great it is if you like. I will promise one thing, you will not be able to get “Bosh, Bosh, Bosh, Bosh” out of your head, and you will think of this video every time Chris Bosh touches the ball tonight and for the rest of this Championship Season.

Let’s Go Heat! Let’s Go Heat! Enjoy the game tonight, Heat Fans.