Best Sports Bar To Watch Football in Miami?

If you are looking for a laundry list of time-tested football hot-spots in Miami, you’ve come to the right place.  Our own Terry Bender has been bar-hopping since 2002, and this is an extensive list of Miami sports bars where you can watch NFL & College Football.

The Clevelander (South Beach, Ocean Drive) is an old school favorite with some new school renovations.  With the new decor and air-conditioned two level viewing area, this has come back from the dead and become a hot spot for DolFans and general football watching fans in Miami.  Once viewed as a spot for tourists, the Clevelander has a new “Rock Star” card that allows locals to get serious specials during gameday.  Here are just a few of the specials we saw last week.

*.50 cent wings

*$10 Bud Light Pitchers

*Free Hot dogs

*$5.00 whiskeys (Jack Daniels)

IF that’s not enough, there are flat screens lining both walls downstairs, and spread out virtually everywhere in the upstairs area.  This is the best spot on South Beach to watch the games.  The pool area still features the fashion show, and last weekend there were body painted models strutting around the pool as well!  Located on 10th and Ocean, this is one of the best bars in the world, hands down.

The Millers Ale House chain is another good option.  Always organized, and always with every game on television, this place never gets old.  Beer specials, drink specials, and food specials are common.  There are many locations, although we prefer the North Miami Beach and Doral locations personally!

Not related to the Millers chain, the Weston Carolina Ale house is another solid option.  The outdoor patio as well as the indoor area are never dull, and it’s a favorite bar for Florida Gators fans.  🙁

Finnegan’s on the Miami River is a good option, although they aren’t too organized with their televisions, which is not a good sign if you are a die-hard fan.  If you ask, they will usually accomodate a station change as they do have all games, but they are not really set up for the games, so if you have a big one in mind, I would hesitate from making that place a “go-to.”

There are many more bars, such as Dewey’s and Ted’s Hideaway, both owned by the same group and on the lower tier of bars in South Beach, but they do show all games and have a lively crowd.  Dewey’s is popular with the West Avenue residents as it’s a short walk to it’s 9th and Alton location.  We will be posting more hot spots as we find them….for now, enjoy the Dolphins home game this weekend versus the New York Jets.