Best of Miami New Times Picks & Comments

The Miami New Times always makes us laugh, gives us tips, and makes life easy around Miami and the beaches.  The New Times “best of” issue takes things to an entirely new level:  Mayhem.

Released each June, it’s unabridged picks, selections, rants, raves, cusses, slaps, and shills are among Miami’s most read stories.  The best of the best in bars, beers, boobs, and bimbo’s didn’t disappoint in 2010.

A quick read will catch you up on the Miami scene, and it will also provide a globe of insight on what to do with your spare time, should you be fortunate enough to have such a thing in your bag of tricks.

While we like to do our own Miami area “things to do” reviews, we’d like to applaud the New Times and point out some of the best pieces we took away from the 2010 edition of the best of Miami.

Best Liquor Store: OJ Liquors in Westchester.

Our Miami Blog picks is Total Wine….but to our defense we’ve never been to OJ’s.

Best Sandwich Shop: La Provence French Bakery.

Miami Blog Pick:  La Sandwicherie

Best Arepa: El Arepazo 2

Our Pick.  AGREED.  If you like Arepas, do yourself a big Miami favor and get yo’self some arepas.

Best Cigar Shop: Sosa Family Cigars

Once again, yours truly has to agree with this pick. Where else would you go in Miami for a cigar other than Little Havana?  In this area of virtual lawlessness, cigars are found in this hole in the wall across from the Versailles restaurant in the heart of Miami’s Cuban District.  You can chill out there or go on your merry way with a fresh stogie, but don’t you dare go anywhere else in the 305 for your cigars.

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Here is a copy of the full digital edition of the Miami New Times:

Miami New Times 2010 “Best of” Issue….