Best of Miami New Times 2010 Coming Soon

My favorite time of the year, the time when the Miami New Times “Best of” issue comes out, is just around the corner.  The Best of Miami by the New Times chronicles everything from the best local strip club to the best local pizzeria, sandwich, sports bar, night club, cigar bar, grocery store, and more.  Pretty much everything you could think of is covered in this amazingly content-rich issue.  I recall one year where the best place to meet women was the (at the time) “new” Publix on Bay Road. Yep, I’ve hollered at Milfs and new beach transplants there on several occasions while loading up on food, beer, and stuff to read on the John.

This is by far the best publication running, so when you see it out, grab one – odds are you will be reading it until the 2011 issue comes available.

by Terry Bender

-Resident Party Boy