Plastic Surgery Magazine Honors EliteSkin

by Geneva As part of our arrangement with advertisers, we like to highlight the positive news that’s cast upon their business.  EliteSkin has been a leading cosmeceutical manufacturer, with it’s Elite Serum being the flagship product.  The anti aging products marketed by EliteSkin have been receiving a lot of praise, as documented on many of […]

Dark Circle Serum is PERFECT for the Morning After Partying

by Geneva If you are like me, you find yourself out and about until the wee hours of the morning.  I like to dance at the Latin clubs and of course, those late nights turn into the following mornings sometimes.  Miami Beach can cause a lot of dark circles under the eyes, and there is […]

EliteSkin Age Defying System Review

by Geneva Here is my weekly Beauty Blast, as I’ve been starting to call it.  I will throw out the disclaimer that this company, EliteSkin, is a Miami Blog advertiser, and these products were sent to me on the basis that I would give them a full review here on Miami Blog.  Needless to say, […]

Hot Anti Aging Alert: Elite’s Age Defying System

by Geneva If you are into your skin, MUST take a look at this!  Elite Skin, an advertiser here at Miami blog, is a local company that has excelled with their revolutionary eye serum.  Now, after enjoying some early success, the company has raised the necessary capital to continue to manufacture science-inspired anti aging products. […]

South Florida – the Skin Belt

by Geneva I’ve been reading with a lot of interest some of the articles Karla Sutton, respected anti aging author, has been writing that have to do with anti aging skin care topics.  I recently read an article touting South Florida as the “Skin Belt.”  I never really thought of it that way, but she […]

Wrinkle Prevention Tips

by Geneva So as I continue to expand my horizons on the anti aging industry, I look up to people that I feel are positive contributors to my niche.  I look for people I can learn from, trust, and use as a guide in my quest for knowledge to be the best I can be.  […]

Miami Ink? Not for some…..

by Geneva With the rise in popularity in getting tattoos, many local tattoo shops have risen to fame and had a great deal of success with locals and tourists alike.  So much that one local joint, “Miami Ink,” rose to national fame with the same-named television reality series based on the local South Beach tattoo […]

Best Eye Serum is Made in Miami

by Geneva With all of the sun in hot Miami, Florida, there sure is plenty of need for anti aging creams.  The sun can damage our skin and lead to eye wrinkles, which is the reason these creams are in such heavy demand.  One component of an anti aging ritrual is an eye serum.  The […]

The Link between Diet and Cellulite

by Geneva Today I thought I’d talk about something NOBODY wants to hear about in Miami: Cellulite. Have a good weekend and enjoy my article! Through the dimpled surface of the skin, cellulite can accumulate – but there are certain exercises and exercise programs which can be completed that can effectively prevent cellulite, while reducing […]

Gold – The New Skin Care Commodity

In Miami, we are surrounded by gold.  And Terry, I am not talking about Solid Gold or Gold Rush, your two favorite strip club haunts.  I’m talking about all the bling bling the local celebrities wear as they strut their stuff on South Beach.  I’m talking about the gold Rolexes and all of the finer […]