Anti Aging Industry to Approach $300 Billion by 2015

by Geneva A recent report by Global Analysts, Inc states that the global anti aging product market is set to near $300 BILLION by 2015. The actual report is titled “Anti-Aging Products: A Global Market Report” published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., and the report provides a comprehensive review of industry overview, regulatory environment, product […]

Eye Cream Blogs Can Decieve

by Geneva If you are a beauty or skin care consumer, you have to look out for websites that are put out there to earn commissions instead of really doing a fair eye cream review.  As reported by Karla Sutton, a skin care product review specialist, there are many blogs out there that simply tout […]

Dark Circle Treatments by Danica Jardien

by Geneva On January 5th, I wrote about a Dark Circle Eye Serum and why it’s important for Miami Party-Goers to try to cover up those nasty skin deficiencies.  Only 9 days later, I am surfing through some of my favorite makeup artists channels and I see that she uses the exact same methods that […]

Skin Care Ingredient Trends

by Geneva If you are one that is into your skin, you certainly have seen quite the evolution in skin care ingredients over recent years.  Through many scientific breakthroughs, we’ve seen the constant use of cosmeceuticals in skin care formulas, we’ve seen old-school staples like aloe vera lose steam, and we’ve seen some amazing new […]

Finpecia Hair Loss Treatment for Men

by Terry Bender Everyone suffers through stress down here in Miami.  Heck, I stress each and every Dolphins game that is played versus our divisional foes!  When stress affects us, it can make us lose our hair.  Hair loss is a severely touchy topic with some men as they hit age 30, but fortunately, there […]

Dark Circles Plague Miami Party Crowd

by Geneva Usually my posts are targeted to women, being I am the resident beauty blogger, but today’s topic is something that bothers both men and women.  Dark circles form under your eyes after partying all night on the Beach?  I’m sure they do, because about everyone I talk to complains about them constantly. Here […]

Wrinkle System’s Two Minute Wrinkle Drill Review

by Geneva I promised to post a full Wrinkle System review of the new “Two Minute Drill” after I had someone use it for 30 days.  Well, the 30 days is up, and true to my form, I am here posting a full review to kick off 2010. First off, let me tell you that […]

Get Rid of Turkey Neck

by Geneva If you are reaching age 30 or 40, you’re probably starting to see some changes in parts of your body that you just don’t like.  I have been studying skin care, especially in the anti aging niche, for the last 6 years.  There are many ways one can improve the tone of their […]

LifeCell Wrinkle Cream Review

by Geneva Miami certainly is doing it’s part to contribute to the “skin belt” reputation gained in South Florida.  This moniker has been growing in popularity because of the number of skin care companies and cosmetic surgeons who call South Florida home.  While the “Skin belt” needs no introduction, I thought I’d give props to […]

Anti Aging Sunblock is Perfect for Miami

by Geneva Miami’ sun is HOT, and if you don’t protect yourself from it, your skin will suffer from premature wrinkling and sun damage.  In doing some research on the new Two Minute Wrinkle Drill, which I posted about earlier, I noticed the makers of the product also manufacture an anti aging sunblock. What are […]