Investing in Palladium

Palladium is another metal that has earned some recognition in the investment market. The metal itself belongs to the Platinum group of metals and shares some attributes with Platinum itself. Its constant rise in price has caught the attention of many investors who are now investing in it with confidence. If you too are interested […]

Kip Diggins…thats right Diggins!

Look, we all have the types of people that we like to hook up with.  Some of us prefer blondes, others dark and mysterious types, but at the end of the day the one thing that is most important to us is looks.  I know, I know, beauty is only skin deep or whatever it […]

The Fat Chick in Front of Me Getting Ice Cream

Look, we all like ice cream but I have to say I get ice cream maybe….maybe 4 times a year.  I happen to be getting some today…baked out of my mind…and as you can imagine I was standing behind a fat chick.  Now I dont mind lines and have no particular issue with fat people.  But Ice […]

A Strandy on Ocean Drive

For those of us who go out on a regular basis and have been known to have a few too many cocktails, there is generally a few morning after stories that keep you laughing for days, even weeks.  This was the case last this morning as I pieced together the details of last night. For […]

Wasted At Wet Willies

Ever been to Wet Willies on Miami Beach?  You literally can’t miss it.  It’s on the corner of 8th and Ocean, and has a high-rise like deck where you can see all the action while sipping on some seriously spiked kool-aids.  It’s the place to get rip-roaring drunk, and last night was no different. Wednesday […]