– Miami Blog Review (Great Customer Service)

I came across a domain name today and realized multiple brands of skin care products were available for sale there.  Turns out, is a processing domain used to take orders of various skin care companies.  Here is my review after purchasing and receiving various orders from this online website. 1.  The website offers various […]

Miami Moms – Some Links to Beauty Tips

Hiya!  Geneva here, just trying to get some work done as it started to rain again in Miami.  The summer can be so unpredictable here! Anyways, I stumbled into some beauty tips that I thought were worth passing along to all the Miami Mommies out there.  Sometimes it can be hard to find time to […]

Neck Cream – Why You Need One in Miami

The sun in Miami is scorching hot.  So hot, that even the best spf formula doesn’t always do the trick to prevent sunburn.  As people prepare for the Miami sun, they usually use a good amount of anti aging products.  Eye serums, anti-wrinkle creams, daily moisturizers, and of course, sunblock, are all part of the […]

South Florida’s Slice of the Anti Aging Industry

As I wrapped up probably the hottest fourth of July ever, it was hard to avoid all of the anti aging products being used around me.  When you are the skin care & beauty expert at a bar b que with over 80 people, you tend to get asked many questions and subsequently hear about […]

Miami Skin Care Company Announces 4th of July Party

This story was published this morning and is on all major media outlets.  Seems Elite Skin (an advertiser here on is starting a marketing blitz in the right way!  Anyone going to the bbq? Please read for a $40 savings coupon for Elite Serum, the award-winning under-eye serum that helps get rid of dark […]

Little Havana Wachovia Bank Robbed

The Wachovia bank in Little Havana (Southwest 8th Street or Calle Ocho to most of you) was robbed, according to a story that was first reported in the Miami Herald.  Here is the excerpt published on “A man robbed a Wachovia bank in Brickell Tuesday, slipping a threatening note under the counter and making […]