Anti Aging Sunblock is Perfect for Miami

by Geneva

sunblock-webMiami’ sun is HOT, and if you don’t protect yourself from it, your skin will suffer from premature wrinkling and sun damage.  In doing some research on the new Two Minute Wrinkle Drill, which I posted about earlier, I noticed the makers of the product also manufacture an anti aging sunblock.

What are the benefits of using a sunblock with anti aging properties?

  • Higher SPF means less of a chance of sunburn
  • Anti aging ingredients, such as Argireline, couple as a sunblock that works to PREVENT WRINKLES.
  • Your skin remains protected and moisturized due to the advanced formula in the sunblock.

Think about all the damage the sun does to your skin on a Daily basis….it’s absurd not to wear a sunblock with anti aging properties….

I just inquired about the sunblock made by Wrinkle System, and I’m anxiously waiting to use it so I can post a full sunblock review.