Anti Aging Industry to Approach $300 Billion by 2015

by Geneva

A recent report by Global Analysts, Inc states that the global anti aging product market is set to near $300 BILLION by 2015.

The actual report is titled “Anti-Aging Products: A Global Market Report” published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., and the report provides a comprehensive review of industry overview, regulatory environment, product overview, key market trends, product introductions/innovations, and recent industry activity. The report analyzes market data and provides analytics in value sales for regions such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East/Africa and Latin America. The study also analyzes the Anti-Aging Products market by the following product segments – Anti-Aging Products for Health Maintenance (Pharmaceuticals for Age-Related Health Conditions, and Supplements for Age-Related Health Conditions), Anti-Aging Products for Appearance Enhancement (Skin Care, Hair Care, and Others).

The global desire to look and feel younger has spurred a drastic trend in the number of anti aging companies that have entered the market.  Only a short time ago, there were only large pharma companies in this sector, selling pricey products that only the elite class could afford.  These days, you can find an anti wrinkle solution at your local cornerstore.  (Although it won’t yield results like many of the higher-ticket anti wrinkle solutions that you may find in a retail location or online.)  It seems everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there is an advertisement from someone who is selling some sort of solution to help you look younger.

In the Miami area alone, there are several of the leading skin care companies.  We have the leading maker’s of eye serum and anti aging wrinkle cream solutions, EliteSkin, as well as South Beach Skin Care, makers of LifeCell’s wrinkle cream.

Many of the top companies in the world choose to manufacture their skin creams in Miami.  The close proximity to the port of Miami makes it easy to import packaging, ingredients, and other materials.  If they choose to distribute and warehouse the products from Miami, it also allows easy delivery to the many foreign orders that take place on the Internet each day.

Another reason for the drastic growth in anti aging creams is because it is not a cyclical business.  While the stock market as well as real estate market run in cycles, people always want to look their best, look younger, and naturally feel better about themselves.  Many people will go to great lengths to keep up with their skin care routine, even during tough economic times.  Sometimes women prefer to give up spending money on expensive clothing in order to continue buying high priced anti aging creams.

Many of the beauty companies who choose to enter the anti aging cream industry do so because of the ease of entry.  Many of the ingredients are not subject to any FDA approval and can be used in various concentrations with relative ease.  Of course, it’s always best to buy an American-Made product that IS inspected in an FDA approved facility.  This will ensure you have an end product without any contamination.

If you look around in the Miami area, you will see that the trend is to look younger.  It’s quite apparent with all of the cosmetic surgery practices, skin care clinics, spa’s, rejuvenation centers, and other companies who sell anti aging solutions.