Andre Rison to Coach Flint Northwestern High School Football Program

by Miami Blog Staff

Andre Rison, who I had the pleasure of getting to know when he lived in my high rise in South Beach, has become the head high school football coach at Flint Northwestern High School, his alma mater.  Rison lived for years in the Mirador on South Beach, and was a local legend and true “man’s man” as he was always down to have fun.  I’ve been to Wet Willies with the man who goes by “Dre” as well as many other places. I even had the luxury of helping him out with his many parties he threw on South Beach.  (He hosted parties at Nikki Beach, State, among others.)

Why is this news in Miami, you ask?  Well, Andre Rison visits very often, and he’s a part-time Florida resident who can be found on Miami Beach quite often.  It’s no secret that many NFL football players choose South Florida to spend their off-season, including many of the ex-Hurricanes.

By the way, the “U” Documentary was on again last night, it brings tears to your eyes if you are a true Hurricane fan.

Getting to know a man who was often misunderstood helped me find the many idiosyncrasies that come with being a famous athlete like Andre Rison.  For a span of a decade, Andre was among the best wide receivers in the game, playing for the Falcons, Browns, Jaguars, Packers, and Chiefs during the 1990’s.  I’d just like to use this entry to wish Andre the best of luck in his new job.  If there is one person who can get through to kids, it’s Andre.  Best of luck, Dre.

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