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Men often have trouble shopping because they do not tend to shop like women. They don’t like spending hours at the mall just to find the right kind of thing they are looking for. This is why a lot of men tend to read reviews of products before hand so they can simply go and buy what they like in minutes. But that means they need to have a reliable source of reviews too.


Here is a website for men only where they can get reviews on different accessories such as clothing, technology, sports gear or anything related to men. The website is known as thingsmenbuy. It is usually liked by many people because of its hands on experiences about all the products that have been featured on the webpage.

It is run by two people right now who have different expertise and so they have written product reviews according to their areas of interests. The website will have many other co-authors with time because, thingsmenbuy wants the audience to know what is best for them to buy and will last long.

The website itself is a way of self-teaching. You can interact with the co-authors through videos (check out their YouTube channel) and they will let you know the use of the product as well the pros and cons of that product. Tim, the mega mind behind thingsmenbuy wants his website to be interactive and creative because, he knows how difficult it is to rely on reviews. Hence, he has created a webpage which has true reviews about the product and clearly tells its audience about the author so one would know if it is a reliable contact or not.

Men do not need to think while buying a product after reviewing thingsmenbuy. They can look in for everything from that website and go for online shopping. One cannot imagine that men might be interested in reading books. So, Tim has made a section of books for men where men would like to read about things they want to know.

You will find a section of “Home and Garden” where men would look into things that are needed to maintain their house and garden.

The website is really helpful for men who are living alone and want to buy things for themselves. The authors of this website are helpful and they are ready to interact with their audience with video sharing and product reviews.