A Strandy on Ocean Drive

For those of us who go out on a regular basis and have been known to have a few too many cocktails, there is generally a few morning after stories that keep you laughing for days, even weeks.  This was the case last this morning as I pieced together the details of last night.

For those of you who do not know our sports writer Terry Bender, the guy is classic.  I have never been out with him for a regular evening, it is always an AWESOME time.  Last night was no exception.  What started as a few drinks at Wet Willies rapidly turned into a drunken fiasco resulting in Mr. Terry Bender catching a strandy on Ocean Drive.  For those of you who do not know what a strandy is ( I was one of them, until I witnessed one last night) is is essentially a “handy” from a stranger.  Ya know “handy” like a hand job, only from a stranger.  Now look, I understand this is a little vulger, but since I write about relationships and counsel about interpersonal communication, this interaction I witnessed had to be shared with you readers.

While I have to admit I am a little fuzzy on the details but I could never forget this exchange between two people who obviously just do not care about at all about what people think.  Let me set the scene for you.  Terry Bender, or Tbends as we call him, is driving around in his dad’s volkswagen scirocco….which is classic all by itself…but watching him hit on tourists selflessly out of his window is both humiliating and hilarious at the same time.  After receiving the standard “fuck off” from most of the women, Tbends stumbles upon one who is looking for a ride down the way.  Always the gentleman, I offer to hop into the back seat, a fairly large sacrifice considering the size of it.  And to be honest my motives were not about being a gentleman, I just figured it would be easier to snap pics on my phone and have hilarious eye contact through the rear view mirror that way.

Long story short, the two of them start to get along rather well, in a matter of minutes mind you, and she decides that it is “Strandy Time!!”  Now having never heard the term, I asked here what it was.  She proclaimed that it is when a stranger that you do not know and have just met gives you a hand job.  Naturally, I am dying laughing but not ole TBends. He is up for the challenge.  Well, ole girl starts going to town on him, with me right there.  She is smiling and talking like this is no big deal.  So I light up a cigarette and pull out the phone, catching approval through silent eye communication in the mirror, and begin to document this as quitely as any laughing histerically, wasted child can do.  Now this chick naturally catches on and just as I am sure the cops are going to be called, she claims that it is “all good” as long as I pass along the knowledge of the “Strandy.”  I am still trying to decide if this girl was the filthiest woman I have laid eyes on, or if she just may be the coolest chick on the planet.

So here I am passing along the infamous Strandy to our readers here at MiamiBlog.com.  I am interested in reading your email responses about this one folks.  I would love to hear if the term “Strandy” is common knowledge out there and also feel free to share any Strandy Stories that you may have.  From where I am sitting, catching a Strandy in your Dad’s Volkswagen Scirroco with your buddy in the back seat snappin’ pics is a pretty solid standard.  If you have one that beats that (haha), you know I would love to hear it.

Kip Diggins


  1. A strandy? That is CLASSIC. I’m going to start using that term. Awesome !!!!