Miami Living Says EliteSkin “Miami’s Latest Pioneers of Skin Care”

Miami Living Magazine is “the magazine for your entertainment addiction,” and also a major voice in the Miami area for fashion, style,celeb gossip, where to be seen, and more.  The quarterly publication was released this August, and with Enrique Iglesias on the cover, it did not disappoint female readers as well as fans of Latin Music.

Miami Living Magazine

Miami Living Magazine

The star-studded magazine talked about Carmen Electra’s birthday bash (held at Set).  In it’s “Star Report,” section, where the popular Miami Magazine talks about celebrity sightings across Miami, author Martin Haro talks about the Kardashian’s being seen at the W Hotel South Beach, eating at Prime 112, and of course, seen outside Walgreens “tweetin.”  Oh, the perils of Social Media and how they have affected our society!

Also reported was that the Queen of Hip Hop, Mary J. Blige, headlined the 5th annual Jazz in the Gardens concert at Sun Life Stadium.  Of course, Miami news would not be enriched without some gossip about the Jersey Shore cast!

The cast of the popular New Jersey turned Miami soap opera was reportedly at the opening of Martorano’s in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, as well as at Tantra in South Beach.

Age Defying System

Age Defying System

John Bon Jovi was reported to be poolside at the Delano Hotel the day after his FTL show while super model Allesandra Ambrosio held a meet and greet at the Victoria’s Secret on Lincoln Road.

All Miami gossip aside, the one item of business this beauty buff liked reading was the piece about Miami Blog’s favorite skin care company (and advertiser) EliteSkin.  While we’ve covered this company since it’s launch 18 months ago, we’ve witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity in the local company’s success.  If you haven’t heard of EliteSkin, they make 8 wonderful anti aging products (stuff that helps you look younger) and even have some patent-pending daily moisturizer.  They make everything right here in Miami, and they have been very kind in providing samples, information, and even talk about the nature of the skin care business.  Along the way, they have made my job of filling my duties as the Miami Beauty Blogger much, much easier!

Here are some bits and pieces from the editorial, which can be found on page  65 of the August Miami Living Magazine.

The article is titled “EliteSkin – Miami’s Latest Pioneers of Skin Care.”

….EliteSkin is taking anti aging skin care to an entirely new level.  Rather than using the standard ingredients seen in most daily use skin creams, EliteSkin, a division of Skin Pro International based in Miami, infuses their popular skin care products with cosmeceuticals – the latest craze in skin care.  EliteSkin uses proprietary blends of imported cosmeceuticals mixed with heralded antioxidants such as resveratrol and acai.

The article talks a bit more about what exactly cosmeceuticals are, as well as talks about the popularity of the Elite Serum, a daily use under eye serum that works to get rid of puffiness and dark circles around the eye area as well as reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

But most importantly, for all of the people in Miami who have NOT yet tried EliteSkin’s line of products, there is a 20% off coupon in the article.  Simply enter MiamiLiving (it’s not case sensitive, I checked with my contact over there hehe) at checkout or on the phone and you will unlock a 20% discount. What better time than now to revamp your skin care routine?


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