344 Lbs – Wow!

by Terry Bender

So I just got back from Costa Rica, and I’m a little exhausted, so I do some late night web surfing and I stumble into this site of some dude who is trying to lose 150 Lbs.  His name is Tyler, and his site is www.344pounds.com.  Here is an excerpt of how he prefaces his journey to lose all that weight.

“My name is Tyler, I’m 23 years old, 6 feet and 2 inches tall, and I don’t know how much I weigh;  I don’t own a scale that has the structural integrity to weigh me (most scales have a 300lb limit).  I am considered by the American government’s health standards to be morbidly obese.

My weight is literally off any Body Mass Index (BMI) chart I can find.

I started my new healthy lifestyle today.  A life where I can take my shirt off at the beach.  A life where I’m free to sit in a normal chair without it squeaking for its poor little life. A life where I can walk down my driveway without being winded.  A life where I can see my daughter marry her high school sweetheart.

A life where I’m not extremely obese.

I don’t know what this new life will bring but I’m hopeful and willing.  At the same time, I’m extremely afraid;  afraid of failing yet another attempt to lose these extra 100+ pounds that are pressing against my overworked heart.  With this much weight, I already know my cause of death will be a heart attack.

That’s a guarantee.

That leads us here, 344pounds.com.  I want this blog to do three things.  For starters, I want to use it to keep track of my weight loss journey;  one day, when she’s old enough, I’ll show it to my daughter and tell her that “this saved daddy.”  Secondly, I want to help others who are trying to lose weight;  I want people to learn from my successes, as well as my failures.

Lastly, 344pounds.com is a way to keep myself personally accountable to my friends and family (who know about this blog), as well as complete strangers.  I know I have people counting on me this time and watching my every move;  and even though I’ve let myself down with multiple diets before, I won’t let everyone who knows me, cares for me, and loves me down.”

Yikes.  He’ll definitely need some sort of stretch mark cream when he’s all said and done.  The skin stretches so much that it’s a must.

We at Miami blog are thrilled that someone is so gung ho about losing weight.  Shit, it sure is better than hearing about Geneva’s skin care opinions.