1972 Dolphins – Should They Be Worried?

by Terry Bender

The Minnesota Vikings just signed Brett Favre!  Do you know what this means?  This means that there is a LEGIT threat to the undefeated season the Dolphins had in 1972.  Yes, Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka should be very worried.

Just look at what Minnesota did.  They signed the best quarterback to play the game, who gained all of his astronomical records while playing VERSUS the Vikings for the hated Green Bay Packers.  Yes, that JUST HAPPENED.

Now, looking at the roster the Vikings boast, consisting of perennial pro bowlers like Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, and of course, the best player in the league, Adriana Peterson, there is no reason this team can’t slaughter the likes of the Bears, Packers, and the lowly Lions all year long and rack up stats the Vikes haven’t seen since Randy Moss was in town.

I mean seriously – who will compete with them?

All I know is that I just LOVE seeing the Packers fans cry, bitch, and moan about this.  This is the greatest thing in the history of this rivalry to ever happen!